A Trip to the Land of Butter

photo 3(1)


I spent a few days last week in Minnesota, immersing myself in dairy land with Land O’Lakes and some blogging friends. I had SO much fun on this trip! The twin cities are great!

The first night we all flew in and had dinner at Pizzeria Lola, which is run by that sweet little Korean lady you see in the back in the photo below (Chef Ann Kim).


She talked about how her mother’s Korean cooking inspired her to make her Korean BBQ Pizza and the Lady Zaza pizza (it has kimchee on it!) and I totally loved them. My mom is from Korea so I was totally digging the flavors!

Top left: The best meatballs I’ve ever had. Right left: Lady ZaZa pizza with kimchee. Bottom left: Korean BBQ pizza. Bottom right: Homemade soft serve with olive oil and sea salt. So good!


We capped the night off with a little time in the photobooth. Such a fun idea for a restaurant!

photo 5

The next morning we were off to visit Sadie’s dairy farm to learn all about a dairy farmer’s way of life. This was my first time at a dairy farm and it was SO cool to see Sadie’s family’s passion for providing milk to Land O’Lakes, and to meet all the cows. I can now say I’ve milked a cow…sort of (I got like a teaspoon of milk in 60 seconds).

From left to right: Sadie, Maria, Ree, Sommer, Jessica, Brenda, Me, Bridget, Julie, and Jenny.


Later that evening we went out to dinner at 112 Eatery in Minneapolis, and oh my word was it good!

My favorite savory dish was these scallops with sauteed mushrooms.

photo 4(2)

But this Butterscotch Budino dessert totally stole the show. Yes, I will be posting the recipe on the blog sometime.


The next day we went to the Land O’Lakes Headquarters and got to have a behind-the-scenes look at R&D and the test kitchen. It was awesome to see where they test and create their recipes, and I loved meeting the people of Land O’Lakes. Everyone was so friendly and excited about their work!

During the tour they were talking about their customer service phone line, and sometimes they get phone calls about cookies not turning out right, and often times it’s because people are using substitutes for butter. This photo below does a good job of showing three cookies made from the exact same cookie recipe, but with different types of fat:

photo 5(1)

It’s crazy how differently the cookies turn out, right?

Later on we got to have some fun cooking time in the kitchen and we made some Rhubarb Strawberry Pies on a Stick!


I had so much fun traveling to the twin cities and seeing my Kitchen Conversations friends. Thanks to Land O’Lakes for having me!

Disclosure: I’m working with Land O’Lakes this year but this post is all mine! Just wanted to share some photos from my trip with you.