A Recipe for Every Part of the Chicken

Everyone has their favorite cut of chicken.

There are dark meat fans.

And white meat fans.

They fight against each other.

They bicker about which one is better.

They scoff at the other team in disgust at their allegiance and say “GOOD. More dark meat for ME.”

So…which team are you on?

Team white meat or team dark meat?

Maybe you’ll join my team and say that you just can’t pick a side.

It’s named team “I love every darned cut of the chicken.”

Because maybe you crave each cut of the chicken in different ways, and in different preparations.

The Thunder Thighs:

Love the bone-in skin-on pieces? Then try these Crispy Braised Chicken Thighs — They’re crispy on the outside, juicy in the middle, and have got a lemony olive flavor to them.

If you’re a boneless skinless chicken thigh fan, try this Grilled Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce dish instead:

The Wings:

This Crispy Baked Hot Wings recipe is a healthier way to cook the fatty but oh so good chicken wing. They are crispy as heck but are baked instead of fried!

The Breast:

If you like it all shredded up, try making Shredded Mexican Braised Chicken Breast for burritos:

Or if you want to keep it all together, roll them up with sundried tomato pesto.

Or maybe you like chicken breast chopped up into pieces and baked into a lovely Chicken Pot Pie:

The drumstick:

I like my drumsticks sticky. Sticky with Asian BBQ sauce!

And last but not least, the whole darned chicken:

Sometimes you just want to roast a whole chicken, and lay it on top of a beautiful heap of root vegetables.

Got your own totally delicious chicken recipe to share? Share it in the comments section below!