30 Weeks – Pregnancy Update



Oy, look at that belly.

Hello friends, from 30 weeks pregnant!

I can’t believe I’m in the final trimester. Well, sort of. This pregnancy has felt super slow and super fast at the same time. But I guess that’s how I feel about everything in life, you know?


In the past couple of weeks I have started to feel pretty darned pregnant. Up until that point, I had to remind myself that I was pregnant. I’d still catch my reflection in the mirror and think “WHOA where’d that belly come from?!” Or I’d be reminded whenever baby would move. Otherwise I felt relatively normal, and I’d forget I was pregnant most of the time.

These days on the other hand, I’m trying not to do the pregnant waddle, and I can DEFINITELY tell that things are stretching. Ouch, it hurts! I’m still working with the same trainer who helped me rehabilitate my body after my surgeries, and thank goodness for him. He has helped me keep my spine from arching the best we can with various exercises, and it has really helped with the inevitable pains of pregnancy.

FullSizeRender copy

All of these photos are from 28 and 29 weeks along, and I think I’ve moved into the looking “definitely pregnant” category. For a while I think it was pretty unclear, as evidenced by the fact that when I asked my little brother if I looked fat or pregnant (mistake), he said, BOTH! HAHAHAHA. Oh…sibling love.

(My little brother is sweet and loving and a wonderful human being, I promise).

Before I knew I was having a boy, I remember people telling me that women tend to carry boys lower than girls. I’m not sure if there’s really any truth to that, but I definitely feel like my belly sits relatively low. That hasn’t stopped the heartburn from kicking in though!


Pregnancy Cravings:

I’m still absolutely crazy about fruit. Here’s a photo my husband took of me after dinner with one of my typical fruit trays. This time it’s one persimmon, two honey tangerines, a mango, half an apple, blackberries, and raspberries. And that wasn’t even all the fruit I had in the fridge. I had three types of apples, plus satsumas, and some grapes. But those wouldn’t fit on the plate, haha!


And yes, all of that fruit was for me. And I ate it all.

If I’m being honest, I think I do get pregnancy cravings to an extent, but they also seem indistinguishable from my non-pregnant cravings. In the afternoon I’ll think, oh, I want Asian pork tacos for dinner, and then I’ll get the ingredients to make that, and I’ll eat it, and it will hit the spot beautifully. But, this has always been totally normal behavior for me. I get cravings for food all the time, and I tend to change up my meals pretty regularly.

At no point have I had cravings for anything weird, like egg shells or bizarre food combinations. It doesn’t make for good stories, but that’s the truth!

Picking a Name:

Pete and I have a name in mind for our little boy, however we’re not telling anyone what it is until he’s born. We’ve heard stories about names not feeling right at the time of birth, and I can see this being a possibility. I don’t want anyone to get a certain name in mind before the name is decided for sure, so we’ve decided not to tell anyone until he’s here.

Uncomfortable Pregnancy Side-Effects:

Oy, I’ve had some pregnancy side-effects that I’m looking forward to going away. I have absolutely insane leg cramps. I have tried drinking gatorade and increase electrolytes, massaging, stretching, etc, and nothing works on these cramps! Sadly, my doctor says there’s nothing that can really be done about them, and my trainer said the same. From all the experimentation I’ve done, I’ve decided this to be true. On a bad night, I’ll wake up every 2 hours with crazy leg cramping that doesn’t walk out, and I usually have to wait it out for 10 minutes or so before it goes away and I can sleep again.

The other major thing I’ve had is bad heartburn. I had NO idea pregnancy heartburn was so bad, whoa! But I posted on Facebook asking other women about this and got 30 responses from friends saying that pregnancy heartburn was horrible for them too. I’ve noticed the heartburn is exacerbated by stress, so keeping that in check helps, but it’s still there and I look forward to that going away. Oh, and the random projectile vomiting that happens on occasion. I mean, what the heck?

As uncomfortable as these side-effects are, they’re also kind of hilarious. Sometimes I just think, hey body…why are you doing this?! Such odd responses. I think I can stay lighthearted about the discomforts because I’m still really excited and grateful for what’s happening in my body, and for this pregnancy. I just try to care for myself and my body as much as I can, and overall I know I’m doing well.

Swimming is my new best friend

I’ve been swimming on and off since my childhood but I recently started up again, and love it! What a perfect exercise for pregnant women. The one unpleasant part of it is pulling myself out of the water at the end after I’ve gotten used to the water holding up my weight, haha! The only time I’m not experiencing any pain whatsoever in my body is when I’m in the water. Ah, why can’t I have water holding up my weight all the time?!

Figuring out all the “stuff” we need for baby:

I admit I was TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY overwhelmed when Pete and I sat down to do our registry. We procrastinated and procrastinated because every time we dove into the insane world of baby items, we were overwhelmed by all of the choices. Overall, I think we’ve kept things pretty darned minimal, and with many of the items we’ve decided to put them off for now and buy them later if we decide there’s a need for it. For now we’ve got all the basics and this baby will also get a whole lot of love from two very cuddly and loving parents. Pete and I already love snuggles and cuddles and I know we’ll probably go even more bonkers with that when our munchkin arrives!


That’s it for now, friends! Only 10 weeks to go, and I will be back with another update in a bit. Thanks for all of your well wishes and for asking me how I’m doing, you all are the sweetest people!

All my best,


And PS, a lot of the same things are discussed in this post and in the video, but I put out an update Vlog to my Youtube channel as well: