10 Questions / Fifteen Spatulas on Good Morning Jacksonville this Saturday

Today’s un-Wordless Wednesday is a hodge podge of things I’d like to share.

First, I have a new video up for my Ooey Gooey Rocky Road Cookies.

Next, I made a Pinterest account and I’m officially addicted.  If any of you are on there, I’d love to know so I can follow you!  My Pinterest page is located here.

Third, I will be doing two live cooking segments on the NBC12 Good Morning Jacksonville show this Saturday.  If you’re in the area I’d love for you to tune in, otherwise, I’ll be sure to post the clip on the blog when it goes up.

And the last thing is Phyllis at Food, Flowers, Herbs and Life tagged me in a 10 question quiz.  I always love reading when other people do these, so hopefully this is somewhat entertaining:

1.  Describe yourself in seven words. 

Plate licker, gutsy, kooky, curious, travel hungry.

2.  What keeps you up at night?

Too many things.  I wonder if I was productive enough for the day, and what I’m going to do tomorrow.

3.  Who would you like to be?

This question is just silly!  Myself of course.  My life is a lot of fun and I’m very blessed.

4.  What are you wearing now?

My big fluffy pink robe.  I have many robes.  7 in fact.  15 spatulas, 7 robes, what else do you want to know?

5.  What scares you?

People’s lack of awareness and interest in certain things. There is so much in the world to be passionate and curious about.  It’s worth seeking those things out, though it may not be the most immediately easy thing to do.

6.  What is the best and worst thing of blogging?

Best: It’s one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done, and unexpectedly so.  It’s a lot of fun to share recipes, read people’s comments, make friends, etc.
Worst: The same answer that everyone says…it takes up a lot of time.  And there are people who steal your photos/recipes and post them elsewhere.  Every blogger comes across this nightmare.

7.  What was the last website you looked at?

Pinterest.  I’m a new addicted user.

8.  If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I put a lot of pressure on myself, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes I stress myself out.

9.  Slankets, yes or no?

Why would one need such a thing when there are robes?  =)

10.  Tell us something about the person who tagged you.

Phyllis posts lots of fresh things on her blog, which isn’t surprising given that she grows lots of different goodies in her and her husband’s garden.