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Eating My Way Around the World


Pictured here is a gigantic map that’s pinned up on my living room wall, with a tack for every country Pete and I have been to. I love looking at the places we have ventured to together, but my favorite part about this map is that no matter how many times I look, I always seem to notice a tiny little country I had not seen before. I wonder…what’s it like there? What do they eat? How do they live??? Traveling to new places, experiencing the culture, and eating their food are some of my life passions.

Right now Pete and I are discussing…where to next?

We’ve got our eyes on a few places, but after my Cracker Barrel trip, I may or may not *ahem* have been a little extra swayed to go to England. Cheddar cheese was invented in a town 130 miles outside of London in the year 1500. Can you guess the name of this town? Cheddar, of course! At the edge of the village there are caves where they have aged the cheese for hundreds of years. These caves provide the perfect humidity and constant temperature ideal for maturing cheese (and I think it’s pretty cool that Cracker Barrel still honors that history by aging their cheddar cheese in caves too). If I travel to England next, I know Cheddar will definitely be on my list of places to go.


Do you like to travel? What are some of the coolest places you have been to?

In case you missed it, I did a post a few weeks back on how to create genius cheese pairings for a party. With Memorial Day coming up, be sure to check out my post for ideas of how to make some awesome party bites with Cracker Barrel Cheese.

Disclosure: I am proud to be a brand ambassador for Cracker Barrel Cheese. I grew up eating their cheeses and truly love and devour their products. I have been compensated for my time but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Cuba, Bulgaria, Ukraine – my 3 top spots. But I could go on for a long time on other fun places or places I’d love to go. :)

  2. I think the best place I’ve ever been to was Salvador in Brazil. I went there in January so it was right before Carnaval and the Samba schools were practicing. They practice in the streets so the parades would just spontaneously start and everyone would start following and dancing… Amazing! As for the food… They cook the meat right at your table. If you can go, definitely do. I haven’t been there in 15 years and I still can’t wait to go back. I went to Rio on the same trip but Salvador was so different. You really got to know the people there.

    • Hi Aimee, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing. That sounds like such a cool experience of the culture. My friend’s family is from Brazil so maybe I can get her to take me =)

  3. You should definitely visit Singapore in Asia. They have the most amazing food fusion due to the country’s demographics. Singapore is first world nation known as a food haven for foodies! Check it out on the internet :)

    • Hi Charlene, my husband has been to Singapore and he LOVED it! I have never been, but I’m sure he’d go again with me =) Thanks for the suggestion!

      • Singapore’s demographics are similar to Malaysia’s, but Malaysia definitely provides much more authenticity and variety. I see that you’ve tacked pins into your map on Malaysia so you’ve made the right choice! I hope you’ve tried nasi lemak (Malay), banana leaf rice (Southern India) and all sorts of Chinese food in Malaysia. If you’re coming again, just drop me an email and I am happy to bring you around.

  4. I would say that Washington D.C. has some amazing places to eat. There are many delicious restaurants there.

  5. I love England…London is one of my favorite cities to visit. I also would recommend Tokyo – great food, friendly people, and lots of history. I love the Japanese aesthetics. Another place I’d recommend is Moorea/Tahiti. Beautiful beaches, lovely people and again, great food.


  6. I note there are no pins in Australia….. yes it’s a long way to come but there’s so much on offer. Maybe you’ll make the trip one day to try new tastes (kangaroo, Tasmanian pepperberry, finger limes), regional specilaities (Barossa Shirazes, Queensland mangos, Tasmanian truffles, NT barramundi) and sample a vibrant food culture that has integrated the food from waves of migrants in the 40’s & 50’s (Greek, Italian), 70’s (Vietnamese) and some of our newest arrivals (Afghani, Sudanese). Hope to see you soon!

  7. The most fantastic place I’ve been to was Rome, Italy. I had the wonderful privilage to be able to live there for three months, and during that time you really just get to know the entire culture and the people. Also, the food was completely fantastic. The farmer’s markets had fresh food every day: fresh mozzerella, tomatoes still on the vine, oranges and lemons with the stems and leaves still on them. The cuisine was fantastic as well, great pastas, pizza, polenta…lots of things with P, now that I think about it! 😉 And you can’t forget the gelato….I made a list and I think that during that three month period I tried over fifty gelato flavors…and we only really went to three places. Also, the fact that they give you three flavors in one cup helps, but that doesn’t wish away the fact that that means I ate gelato every day. :)

  8. Mauritius is a great place to visit! It’s got an exotic fusional blend of culture, from indian to chinese and european gastronomy. The mauritian briani is a must eat dish!

  9. I’ve spent a year in the Caribbean so far and have another year of schooling to complete down here before I return to the US. It has been an interesting experience and the food is as unique as the people here. If you travel the chain of islands in the Caribbean you’ll get French, Carib, African, Indian, and a variety of different types of food. Some of the islands were colonized by French, British, India, and more, which left a lot of different cultures behind. Most importantly…listen to your heart and follow it. You’ll be in a place you want to be in and enjoy it so much more! <3

  10. Emma Vincent

    Hi Joanne,
    Have just had the pleasure of finding your blog via your Youtube video’s and I am enjoying looking through your recipe’s..!!
    I have to admit that baking from scratch scares the bejesus outta me but having found your blog and with the help of my food mad godson I am going to start cooking from scratch..!! lol
    I couldn’t believe it when I read that you were thinking of comming to England so you could taste our beautiful Chedder cheese…!! I actually only live about 40 mins away from Chedder and it is an amazing place the cheese is still aged in the caves of Chedder Gorge..!!
    We have lots of amazing cheese’s over here I hope you come and visit us soon so you can sample them.
    Thanks for inspiring me to give cooking from scratch a go
    Emma x.

  11. Croatia is by far the most beautiful country I have visited. Dubrovnik is wonderful.

  12. I’ve thought about doing this for trips my husband and I have taken for the past few years now. Can I ask you how big your map is and where you got it? Is it laminated or protected in anyway, or did you just pin it up on your wall? Do you think it will sag or fold over or the paper will yellow?


  13. What Colombian cities did you visit? I’m from Cartagena, Colombia. I found your blog yesterday and love it!

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