A few weeks ago I went out to a restaurant in Manhattan that served mussels in every way I could dream of. They had classic versions with white wine and shallots, Belgian wheat beer, and bacon [...]


I have made this salad over, and over, and over again this summer. You could say I'm a little obsessed. And by 'I'm a little obsessed,' I'm talking about this salad and about zucchini in general. [...]


If you've ever had Nancy Silverton's Butterscotch Budino, you know how unbelievably good it is. This dessert hits spots you didn't even know could be hit. I first tried it last month when I was in [...]


Summer seems to be the most unlikely time to love baking bread, but it's my favorite! The dough always rises so beautifully and I get the fluffiest bread, all because the house is warmer than other [...]


Apple Pie Milkshake

Three years ago I wrote a post about my first visit to Chelsea Market in NYC, and my older brother ordered this legendary Apple Pie Milkshake at the Ronnybrook Dairy Bar. I don't remember what I [...]


As you might imagine, I've been trying new restaurants in NYC left and right since I moved here two months ago. Last week I went to one of the famous ramen places in the city and [...]


I'm a big fan of potatoes, but only if they have a LOT of flavor added to them. On their own I find potatoes to be quite boring. For instance, I never understood the whole baked [...]


For my very last guest post, I am thrilled to welcome Deborah from Taste and Tell. I am so grateful to my talented blogging friends for sharing their wonderful recipes with you during my spine surgery [...]

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