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Dearest friends and readers, Thank you so much for the hundreds of messages and comments you have shared with me since my post yesterday. Your kind notes brought me to tears, because I know that I [...]

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Not Hiding Anymore

Note: this post is not about food. There is no recipe included today, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I apologize that it won’t be provided at this time.    About a year ago, I [...]


I don't know why, but I have always had an affinity for Greek flavors and food. No one in my family is Greek, and I didn't eat a lot of Greek food growing up, but I [...]


I know cereal is more or less the default food for breakfast, but can I admit that I really don't care much for it? I totally understand the convenience of it, but I want a hot [...]


Have you noticed that chia seeds seem to be everywhere on the internet lately? They are one of the trendiest ingredients as of late, and I admit that despite seeing chia seeds in recipes all over [...]


How do you decide what to make for breakfast? For me it's mainly whatever I happen to be craving, but there's a small component of how much fuss I'm up for that particular morning. Waffles and [...]


Kitchen Rule #284: Always make extra rice. Because you know you're going to want fried rice the next day. Or at least, I always do. Fried rice is one of my favorite dishes, which is no [...]


Remember how last week I wrote about my visit to the Pioneer Woman's ranch? One of the photos I shared with you was of this Oklahoma breakfast I had...a pan seared pork chop: This was my [...]

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