3 Stuffed Date Party Appetizers


When I got engaged 8 years ago, some girlfriends of mine threw me an engagement party, and that was when I discovered the glorious stuffed date. As a matter of fact, it was where MANY of us discovered the glorious stuffed date.


I remember my friend Lauren walked in with the tray of dates, each one stuffed with peanut butter and wrapped in bacon, and many of us were pretty perplexed by the combination. It just sounded kind of … weird.

That totally changed when we tried it. I will still admit that the combination is odd when you first think about it, but oh goodness, does it work. And now I’ve made a lot of different kinds of stuffed dates.

Stuffed dates are great for parties and never fail to be a hit. Today I’m going to share my top 3 favorite combinations.

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